Wednesday, 6 January 2016

A room with an ABAP CDS view

In Björn Goerke's keynote speech from Barcelona Teched 2015, you may recall that he had crash landed on Mars, and was attempting to escape mars with the help of all of the latest SAP tech available. One of the technologies that we took away from teched, and that Björn used in his keynote was that of the CDS view.

But what if Björn had crashed on Mars and was without a Hana DB? what if he hadn't upgraded yet to full blown Hana, but he wanted to prep for such a future eventuality. That is a similar situation to what I find myself in with my current employer. We have crashed landed too, but we are even further out than Mars... and we have no Hana DB, but can we prep in advance for HANA? perhaps by using CDS Views on our current Oracle DB.