Wednesday, 1 March 2017

Standart DEMO Examples of ABAP CDS views

This post was created to show standard ABAP development package with could be very useful for:

  • ABAP programmers starting  to use CDS views functionality
  • Application consultants (e.i. in case of customer CDS views enhancements should be done or some standard CDS view results don’t seem to be correct)

You could find a package SABAPDEMOS in HANA Studio ABAP perspective in case of S/4HANA system (or in SE80 t-code). There are a lot of useful things there.

In Core Data Services group you could find examples of:
  • Usage of different annotations in CDS views
  • CDS view based on Table function
  • CDS view with parameters
  • CDS views with different types of joins, union and associations
  • CDS view with currency conversion and unit conversion
  • Usage of SQL functions like numeric, string, date/time functions in CDS views
  • Authorization check in CDS view and definition of Access Control using DCL
  • Extension examples of CDS views

This list depends on NW version of your system, because some features like extension of CDS view with aggregate functions or union was not available before NW 7.51. 

List of available CDS examples of NW 7.51 SP00 is shown below:

Unfortunatly, I didn’t find there any examples of demonstration of hierarchy usage in CDS views. If you are interested in this case you see may post “How to build a Custom Hierarchy in ABAP CDS views”.

Also I couldn’t found examples of CDS views for analytical reporting purposes.

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