Sunday, 29 April 2018

How to use BW Infoobject hierarchy in ABAP CDS views


◈ Hierarchies could be loaded or maintained manually in BW embedded in S/4HANA system.

◈ Considered approach is particularly relevant in case in S/4HANA there is embedded planning solution and you need to reuse existing hierarchy in analytical reports based on ABAP CDS views.

◈ Considered example will work correctly in case of simple parent-child hierarchies based on one characteristic, without text nodes or linked nodes.


1.Consider infoobject MFICOCP04 “Reporting Section” and existing hierarchy in RSH1 t-code:

2. Create ABAP CDS views Dimension, Text, Hierarchy:

3. Analyse dimension VDM in RSRTS_ODP_DIS t-code and notice that hierarchy metadata is presented here.

4. Test of hierarchy display in RSRT:

5. Use annotations in analytics query to display hierarchy:

Below ABAP CDS view is needed to derive hierarchy name based on reporting year parameter, in example we had several hierarchies maintained for characteristic.

Analytical query code:

Note that derivation of hierarchy guid based on a hierarchy name may be not required in your case, just simplify solution (if needed)


We considered creation of hierarchy ABAP CDS view based on BW Infoobject master data tables.

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