First Steps in SAP: A beginner's guide to SAP

This second edition has been enhanced with an overview of the existing SAP product portfolio in addition to SAP ERP. Learn more about the technical side of SAP ERP including industry solutions, ABAP, and enhancement packages (EHP). Get a short introduction to BI, CRM, SRM, SCM, GRC, NetWeaver, SuccessFactors, and HANA.

Written in the "How-To" style this book will allow anybody to follow along and create ABAP programs from scratch. It is written in such a way that each chapter builds on the last so that you become familiar in lots of different aspects of SAP ABAP programming to enable you to then start creating your own programs and understand programs you will find in your own SAP system.
Complete ABAP: The Comprehensive Guide to ABAP 7.5

Immerse yourself in the world of ABAP with this all-in-one guide! Offering instructions for beginners and refreshers for seasoned experts, this resource covers everything ABAP. Get information on basic programming concepts and tools, like data types and the ABAP Data Dictionary and steps for developing interfaces and dynamic programs.
ABAP: An Introduction and Beginner's Guide to SAP ABAP

Learn to code in ABAP, SAP's programming language! This book explains ABAP in simple terms, and provides the guidance you need to become fluent in basic ABAP. Once you understand basic ABAP, you'll write your first application, and then get a preview of more advanced language concepts. 

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