Friday, 24 November 2017

Find your way to the BOPF

I set a learning path to catch up with SAP development tools and techniques that in spite of being around for a while now,  the comfort zone was just too comfortable to step out, until the breakthrough came in and I realized I didn’t want to be left behind. After one year things are starting to pay off now, which is great.

In this opportunity, I want to talk about the Business Object Processing Framework (BOPF), which is yet another way of maintaining database records in an Object-Oriented way. Although this is a rather simplistic view, as it turns out that the framework is capable of doing many more things, such as dealing with authorizations, or even orchestrate the application business logic flow. It can be integrated with several UI technologies, say UI5 or Web Dynpro/FPM.

Monday, 20 November 2017

ABAP Code Vulnerabilities, a call for real-time security alerts

ABAP code vulnerabilities

SAP security is a great challenge and will be a challenge for many years to come. In order to thoroughly secure an application, all of its components and potential threats need to be understood. SAP security is multi-layered, its building blocks range from infrastructure to application security. In order to break an application, only one flaw may be sufficient to compromise an entire environment.

Below an overview of SAP security notes released between June and November 2017, categorized by their priority.

Friday, 17 November 2017

Simulation of statistic riddle

So just proof the solution with a simulation.

1. Create 1.000.000 families with two children {m,f} 50:50 and born on {sa,su,mo,tu,we,th,fr} 1:7
2. Count chance, that family has two boys 1/4
3. Count chance, that family has two boys, if you know that one child is a boy 1/3
4. Count chance, that family has two boys, if you know that one child is a boy and born on tuesday 13/27

Wednesday, 15 November 2017

The performance of open SQL as in ABAP 7.52

The use of FOR ALL ENTRIES in Open SQL of ABAP has been used for very long time. And it is helpful for report data from different table.

SAP ABAP Tutorials and Materials, SAP ABAP Guides, SAP ABAP Certifications

Monday, 13 November 2017

Continuous Integration in ABAP using Jenkins

The team has setup a CI/CD pipeline in Jenkins to automate build, test, and deploy of those Java services. At the time we had the pipeline, I have realized the benefits for having such pipeline and that became my motivation to build one for ABAP.

The most important benefit in my view is the visibility over your software’s health. If someone asks whether the Java piece is working fine at the moment, we can have a glance at Jenkins monitor and be able to answer quite confidently. In ABAP, we are just blind. I even sometime break my software and found them out later.

Friday, 10 November 2017

FOR expression in ABAP 7.40 – Best case scenarios

As we all know, the In-line declarations, operators and expressions available in 7.4 SP02 onward are taking the abap world by storm for last few years. For the new or the experienced abap-ers this is almost like fall in line or fall apart. The main idea is to write code easily, keep it lean and compact as much as possible.

Wednesday, 8 November 2017

Troubleshooting ABAP Dumps in relation to SAP HANA


The purpose of this document is to instruct SAP customers on how to analyse ABAP dumps.


How to troubleshoot ABAP Dumps

Monday, 6 November 2017

Simulate Shipment Cost (VT02N) – Using Function Module

I am here with yet another unsolved mystery, yup! You better believe me! As the subject is as clean as a whistle, this blog post is all about Simulating Shipment Cost through Function Module. Before I proceed, let’s have a clear understanding what actually I am trying to do and what exactly we will be going to achieve!

So, here is the scenario. You have the Shipment created and you see the button on VT02N to simulate cost. Well, when you do it through T-code, it is as easy as anything but the reality is as different as cheese and chalk! Oh yes, I mean it. It’s not easy when it comes to implement via Function Module.