SAP ABAP Interview Questions & Answers Part 10

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136. How do we debug sapscript?

Ans: Go to SE71 give lay set name , go to utilities select debugger mode on.

137. How can I copy a standard table to make my own z_table.

Ans: Go to transaction SE11. Then there is one option to copy table. Press that button. Enter the name of the standard table and in the Target table enter Z table name and press enter.

138. What is the use of "FOR ALL ENTRIES" in SAP ABAP ?

Ans: SELECT FOR ALL ENTRIES is the best alternative for SELECT WITH JOINS, this statement is very helpful for reading data from more than 2 tables.
To avoid nested select statements we use SELECT FOR ALL ENTRIES statement. Performance wise SELECT FOR ALL ENTRIES is better to use.

139. Can you set up background processing using CALL TRANSACTION?

Ans: Yes, Using No Screen Mode in 'CALL TRANSACTION'

140. What are the difference between Table and Structure?

Ans: The major difference is , the Data Base tables hold the physical data where as Structures doesn't hold any data.

141. What are field symbols in SAP ABAP?

Ans: Field symbols are like pointers in C that can point to any data object in ABAP/4 and to structures defined in ABAP/4 dictionary. All operations you have programmed with the field symbol are carried out with the assigned field.

142. Can you have a Smartform without a main window?

Ans: Yes, you can create a Smartform without a Main Window. But there is no need to do anything of such sort. Whenever you create a Smartform, a main window is created by default. I can't think of a situation , where you will have a situation in which it is mandatory for you to remove the Main Window. But still I have seen this question in ABAP interviews. So I have put it here.

143. How do you find the name of the Function Module for a Smartform? When is this function module created?

Ans: The function module for Smartform is created when the Smartform is activated. You can find the name of the Function Module for a Smartform by going to Environment --> Function Module Name.

144. What is a Final Window in smartforms?

Ans: Final Window is called after all the other windows are called in a Smartform.

145. What is the transaction for Recording BDC ?

Ans: Transaction Code for recording is SHDB

146. How do you read files from the Application server ?

Ans: To read files from Application server You need to use the commands:
OPEN DATASET ---> opens the file(dataset) either in read /write mode. <.p>
READ DATASET ---> Read the file
CLOSE DATASET ---> Close the dataset once the date has been read .

147. How do you read/write files from/to the presentation server in SAP ABAP ?

Ans: You need use the below Function Modules to read/write :
GUI_UPLOAD --> To read data from file into an internal table
GUI_DOWNLOAD --> To write data from internal table to a file on presentation server

148. What are the different modes of processing batch input sessions?

Ans: The three modes for processing batch input session :

Display Errors Only

149. What is the structure of the BDC table?

Ans: The BDCDATA consists of the following fields:

PROGRAM [CHAR 40] - Online program name.
DYNPRO [NUMC 4] - Screen number.
DYNBEGIN [CHAR 1] - Flag to indicate the start of a new screen.
FNAM [CHAR 132] - Field name of a screen field to be filled with data.
FVAL [CHAR 132] - The actual value to be filled into the specified screen field.

150. How do you do BDC for a table control?

Ans: With other things as usual, there is a special trick that you have to use while doing BDC for table control. You need to use the BDC OKCODE '=P+' .
Its the BCD_OKCODE for Page down that can be used for scrolling down in table control.

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