SAP ABAP Interview Questions & Answers Part 9

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121. How to avoid Transport Request in Table maintenance Generator?

Ans: Most of the times we need to create tabel maintenance generator with out user entrie transports, for this one follow belos steps.

GO to utilities -> Table Maintenance Generator

How to avoid Transport Request in Table maintenance Generator?

Select no, or user, recording routine radio button.

How to avoid Transport Request in Table maintenance Generator?

Save, now it will not ask for transports.

122. What is the use of Folder in Smartforms ?

Ans: Just to group nodes, dosen`t effect any functionality, we can group nodes into a folder.

123. what is extension in and extension out in BAPI ?

Ans: BAPI extension is used to update custom fields of a table (ex: MARA).
BAPI extension out is used to retrieve custom fields of a table.

124. In interactive report if user 19 times double clicked, again he want to main screen.. how can do this?

Ans: If Sy-ucomm ='BACK'. Leave to screen 0. Endif.

125. What is the difference in a Table and a Template in Smartform?

Ans: A Template has fixed number of Rows and Columns whereas a Table can have variable rows and columns i.e. you can have a internal table with contents associated to a Table element but not to a Template.

126. Can you move a Smartform from one SAP system to another without using transports?

Ans: Yes, this can be achieved using the Upload/Download feature for Smartforms. One can download the Smartform from one system and save it as an XML file. Once that is done, the XML file can be used to upload the Smartform in another system.

127. Can you have a Smartform without a main window?

Ans: Yes, you can create a Smartform without a Main Window. But there is no need to do anything of such sort. Whenever you create a Smartform, a main window is created by default. I can't think of a situation , where you will have a situation in which it is mandatory for you to remove the Main Window. But still I have seen this question in ABAP interviews. So I have put it here.

128. How do you find the name of the Function Module for a Smartform?

Ans: The function module for Smartform is created when the Smartform is activated. You can find the name of the Function Module for a Smartform by going to Environment --> Function Module Name.

129. How data is stored in cluster table?

Ans: Each field of cluster table behaves as tables which contains the no. of entries.

130. What are client dependant objects in abap/sap?

Ans: SAP Script layout, text element, and some DDIC objects.

131. On which event we can validate the input fields in module programs?

Ans: In PAI (Write field statement on field you want to validate, if you want to validate group of fields put in chain and End chain statement.)

132. In selection screen I have three fields, plant mat no and material group. If I input plant how do I get the mat no and material group based on plant dynamically

CALL FUNCTION -> F4IF_INT_TABLE_VALUE_REQUEST to get material and material group for the plant.

133. How do you get output from IDOC?

Ans: Data in IDOc is stored in segments, the output from Idoc is obtained by reading the data stored in its respective segments.

134. When top of the page event is triggered?

Ans: After executing first write statement in start-of-selection event.

135. Can we create field without data element and how?

Ans: In SE11 one option is available above the fields strip. Data element/ direct type.

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